New Orleans Saints fans woke up Monday morning to the news that their starting center, and team leader, Max Unger had been injured. But not just a nick, an injury that is going to cost him serious time on the field.

Unger will miss the start of the season, and likely the entire season based on the position he plays, and amount of recovery time needed. So what are the Saints going to do? The draft is over, they can't get a rookie to fill. Free agency may not be the best bet, because there's simply not a lot of options out there.

So what if they pulled off a monster trade? The city of Philadelphia is on fire with that idea right now...

I mean, the Saints added Adrian Peterson in free agency, they just drafted another running back, and could be considering Mark Ingram expendable at this point. But would it make sense for the team to add another top center to their roster?

Right now? YES.

What good is a 3-headed running back monster if you don't have a line to run behind? Kelce or Unger could easily slide to a guard spot when Unger is healthy, and with the recent draft picks, it could potentially set up one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

If I'm the Saints, I'm making this deal right now.

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