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Yesterday, I got a box from an old friend that they’d had for 20 YEARS! His son found it in their attic and it was a huge surprise and I’m so happy to have my original Kappa Kappa Gamma pin back as well as some other pieces that I had thought I had lost forever! Apparently, Sandra Bullock is also fond of keeping old mementos…Except, she isn’t holding on to jewelry… she’s held on to her old high school cheerleading uniform. She says, "That might come in handy some sexy night.  I don't know who I'm saving it for.  I want to be buried in it."

I’m sure you saw the pink breast cancer awareness towels Sunday night in New Orleans at the Saints vs. Cowboys game and that’s just one of the instances of the NFL going pink that you’ll see this month. It’s breast cancer awareness month, but you’ll want to note that only 8% of money from NFL Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise actually goes to charity.

Yesterday we reported that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted daughter Isabella Cruise married last month in London and that their parents weren’t invited, but the New York Post is saying that it was a Scientology wedding and that Tom was there but Nicole not only wasn’t invited, but didn’t know anything about it.

No good can come from Googling yourself, especially if you’re famous... That’s why Carrie Underwood doesn’t bother. She says, "I don't Google myself.  Some people can be so negative. You'll have 99% of people being complimentary, but then you get one meanie and it ruins your day."

Jake Owen works out every day, but he says he does it to feel good, not bulk up. He says, "I'm not one of these dudes that is vain about wanting to look a certain way.  It's not like I'm a meathead, I just like feeling good." As you may have noticed, Jake is headlining the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter Mountain, NY and we’ll be giving you chance to see him live and in person!

People in Prince George, Canada were no doubt, pretty bummed out yesterday because Jason Aldean had to cancel his show there last night. One of his equipment trucks crashed yesterday, but being the nice guy that he is, the show has been rescheduled for tonight and thankfully his driver only suffered minor injuries.

What happened to ice cream and pickles for pregnant women? I’ve told Keith for years if we get pregnant that he’ll be doing a lot of driving to Texas for Jack in the Box! It turns out Jana Kramer has been doing the absolute opposite… She’s been eating bland foods, but admits to craving mangoes and Pop Tarts!

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