I admit I don't know a whole lot about electronic gadgets and gizmos, but my kids are all about this stuff. They helped me create a list of the hottest items headed for shelves next year.

Nintendo Wii U
New for the gaming industry. This gadget has a new controller with an embedded touch screen. Boys say this will be big for the kids and even young adults.

Google Ice Cream Sandwich products
What the heck is this? That's what I asked. Techies tell me these will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) smartphones that are just hitting the market with more to follow.

iPad Mini
Smaller version could be on the way from Apple. If a smaller version does come out, look for it in the $300 price range.

Better, more-affordable ultrabooks
This is something I might try...we'll see. I really like to read a book the old fashioned way.

Next-gen MacBook Air
New designs are the talk for these items. I'm not a Mac person, so I really would know what to do with it. Great coaster I guess.

Kindle Fire 2 (and Amazon's 10-inch tablet)
Another book thingy that probably won't make it to my wish list.

iPhone 5
This I will be watching. Can it do more than my iPhone 4S? But the release date is still up in the air. It could be June or November.

Apple iTV
Rumor has it that Apple will enter the TV market in 2012 with a set that will be a game-changer and once again turn another market on its head.

iPad 3

Everybody's waiting--and expecting--an iPad 3 with a higher-resolution display. I might even look at one if this happens.

PlayStation Vita
This is the gizmo my boys keep saying will be big with the younger set. It is Sony's next-generation handheld gaming device. Expected release date is February 22. It will have dual analog sticks (ok, I'm ignorant about this), a touch screen, and graphics that rival the PS3's. It will set you back about $250.