Early this morning, I lost my cat of over 13 years. It was totally and completely unexpected. However, when we bring a pet into our life, it's our responsibility to not only take care of them and give them love but to also hold them as they breathe their last.

I’m not sure how much more change my little herd can take. My sweet ‘Crackie Kitty’ crossed the rainbow bridge during the wee hours of the morning. She and her sister were my terrible twins of terror! In their younger, more spry years, they loved nothing more than to lie in wait and pounce on one of the dogs for fun. Lorrie is going to be so lonely now without her litter mate and BFF of 13+ years. My only consolation is that she wasn’t in pain for very long. Thank you to Julie Overcash and the team at The Animal Emergency Clinic on Line Avenue in Shreveport for your kindness and compassion tonight. I appreciate you more than you know. And also, to everyone who has reached out with a kind word, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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