Super Bowl 50, along with its budget-busting commercials and a halftime show that saw two previous stars return for the second time in three years, was a real mixed bag. Panthers fans hoped to watch quarterback Cam Newton flex his talent (and many victory dances) across Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium field, only to find his team no match for the Denver Broncos. It seemed no matter who spectators were rooting for, it was often a night of underwhelming game play.

The halftime show, starring Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars with Mark Ronson, was a welcome diversion — and unsurprisingly, Bey was the true MVP. Celebrities, like those of us who watched at home, had plenty of opinions about the evening's events. Check out a roundup of their best tweets and Instagrams below.

The halftime show was Taylor-approved.

Arrow star Stephen Amell later (rightly) deemed the game "peculiar."

Empire's Taraji P. Henson loved Coldplay so much, she thought they were Maroon 5 (her post's since been deleted with a follow-up that says "Ooops. LMAO!")

Twitter, @therealTaraji

Cam fan LL was cool with the Broncos' win.

Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani said what we were thinking.

Special Super Bowl Unit's Olivia Benson was on the scene.

Many were here for Team Beyoncé.

Lady Gaga's stunning national anthem opener was another major win.

Frozen's Josh Gad held forth on the evening's ads, and was mystified by that pooping commercial, too.



And, of course, Betty White remains the true champion.