Another snow day means another day with bored kids  messing up everything in the house and fighting with each other.  What's a Mom to do?Try Elaine's tips from today's KVKI midday show.

  1. Indoors,  you can involve the kids in putting together their own scrapbook.  We never seem to have time to create order out of chaos.   This might be the perfect opportunity to organize the clutter in the kids' rooms.   Let them bake cookies as a reward.
  2. When they grow tired of being couped up inside, try making a snowman outside.  When that's done,  wear them out with a game of football in the snow! They'll love it and they'll be too worn out to fight with each other.
  3. Video games are always something easy and fun to do indoors.
  4. Play an  old-fashioned game of Twister.  Kids like getting all twisted up.
  5. Get them to help you with house-cleaning chores,  like helping wash dishes.  They get points for each chore,  and they can redeem the points for a treat at the store.
  6. Let them put on a talent show for you as the audience. They can even create a stage.
  7. Build forts inside with blankets over chairs.

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