The long-awaited opening of Sci-Port's 2nd floor has finally arrived!  For the first time in a year, the entire museum will be open to the public - and their new area looks so cool.  Bricks and Bots is filled to the brim with LEGO bricks, and so many ways to play (and learn) with them.  The exhibit encourages kids to explore their unbridled creativity with their parents on one of the many LEGO table tops and loads of the best bricks.

It looks like the downtown museum has an action-packed schedule lined out for patrons this year.  In February, Sci-Port is celebrating Black History Month and engineering with lots of events and interactive displays.  Next month, the museum will premiere  a new movie called "Superpowered Dogs," in the popular IMAX theater, feature animal adoptions, and host several dog themed events.  Plus, every Friday this month (including today) you can get 50% off the price off  ticket for the IMAX theater ($10).

Check out the schedule of events and find out more on the official website by clicking here.

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