Science marches on!  Sliced bread, Air conditioning, Smartphones, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the automobile - the list of inventions that have revolutionized human life on earth is long and distinguished.  A new entry has been made into this tome of human ingenuity - un-melty ice cream!

In theory, you can pop out a few chairs by the lake this summer and enjoy a bowl of ice cream that will stay firm - even if you decide to set it on your tailgate and go swimming for an hour or two!  No more ice cream soup if you accidentally forget your bowl of Blue Bell on the porch when you get involved in an intensely competitive game of cornhole with your big mouth uncle!

The ramifications of this discovery are huge!  According to the American Chemical Society's news release, the new and improved ice cream will have a longer shelf life - and this magic substance could actually be healthier!  This amazing discovery was revealed at the 255th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in New Orleans last week.  As it turns out, the key is bananas.  Not like, "The science behind this is so crazy, it's bananas!" It actually is bananas, as in banana fibers that replace some of the (easily melt-able) fats in current-gen ice cream.  The banana fibers, known as rachis, come from the stems of the plant.  According to Columbian researchers Dr. Robin Zuluaga Gallego and Jorge A. Velásquez Cock, the inventors ice cream 2.0, the fibers are tasteless and are not expected to change the taste in any significant way.

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