Sean got the moves.

After the Saints won big in Week 15 over the Minnesota Vikings, Sean Payton had plenty to dance about. First of all, the Saints were NFC South Champions for the 4th-straight year. Second, it's safe to say that the Vikings have had the Saints number over the last few years—specifically when it comes to beating us in heartbreaking fashion in the playoffs (twice).

It's also worth pointing out that Sean is wearing his mask while busting a move, so Goodell can have several seats if he thinks he's spoiling our Christmas. Jared Cook even commended his head coach's moves, saying he did the Griddy better than Saints QB Jameis Winston.

Today's 52-33 win over the Vikings was a big one for the Saints, and we've still got work to do. But, for now, I think we should definitely celebrate this Christmas gift.

By the looks of Sean's wardrobe change, he's doing it in good fashion.

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