A new secret group called the 'Societe de Masquerade' is making waves in Shreveport and I was honored to be on the guestlist for their inaugural masked masquerade event this weekend!

While I'm pretty sure I know who a few of the founding members are, I'm not about to spill the tea, because this event was so extraordinary, I want to make sure I get an invite to next year's party.

The theme was Venetian and the costumes were out of this world! I'm pretty it was the most eclectic group of people that the fourth floor of the Remington has ever seen! There was an incredible spread of heavy hors d'oeuvre, an open bar, and live music. Yet, while everyone had a great time, no one got out of control... Which was probably because this was an invitation-only event.

Don't bother trying to join this group. If they want you, they'll ask. I just consider myself fortunate to have been invited. Meanwhile, check out the pictures. The entire event was over the top extravagant!

Societe de Masquerade


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