We adopted Cajun from Bossier City Animal Control Friday, December 3, 2017 and he's already a part of the family... so much so that we won't even kick him out for drooling!

The last month has been a roller coaster with Cajun. When he came to us, he was really underweight and still needed to be neutered. We took care of his shots and getting him fixed right away, but then he developed a crazy infection and had to spend nearly a week on high powered antibiotics. Since he finished those, he's been eating way better, playing with toys and being generally lovable because he feels so much better! He's also steadily gaining weight! I hate that the vet's office didn't weigh him when he went in earlier this week to have his stitches out. He started out at 113lbs and he's got to be close to at least 120lbs now!

Either way, when they talk about Mastiffs, they always mention the drool. We already have two Mastiff mixes, both English and Bull. Neither one of them drool... But Cajun sure does... Check out the video I took of him this morning before work. That's just a small sample of the drool that is spread around our house on a daily basis! In short, my home will never be clean again. However, it did give us the incentive to go ahead and order waterproof vinyl planking:)

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