Mountain home

April 19th.

That's the deadline for someone who bought a winning lottery ticket in South Carolina to come forward and claim his or her payout.  The payout... $1.5 billion.  Yes, that's with a 'b'.  The state of South Carolina could lose over 60 million dollars in taxes if the mystery person doesn't come forward to claim the Mega Millions jackpot from October.

In California, however, there was no mystery when a construction executive presented his winning lottery ticket from 2014 that brought him a $180 million windfall.  According to a press release from, he immediately worked a deal on a mountain-top property with a mansion that was already under construction. He enlarged the plans and finished building it and, at the same time, purchased more land totaling 865 acres, a buffalo farm, a steakhouse serving his grass-fed buffalo steaks and a Wild West saloon.  Now that the last detail is complete on the elegant chateau-style mansion and the related business operations are thriving, he is in search of another project.

So, now he's selling one of the most interesting and beautiful properties in the United States, priced at $26 million. Take a look at the gallery to take an up-close look at this amazing property and home.


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