Love is in the air Tubbs X-treme King Cakes in cream cheese or strawberry are the perfect way to celebrate with your sweetie for Valentine's Day with KVKI!

What? You thought King Cakes were just for Mardi Gras? Nope! King Cakes are good for any occasion if you ask Don Tubbs and that's why we gave you the chance to win one of his specially made moist and tasty X-treme King Cakes to share with your Valentine!

While we here at KVKI love all of our listeners, we didn't have enough king cakes to give them to everyone, so just know, that we totally love and appreciate you!!! However, we do have to announce our winners and here they are. Congrats to Tina Montgomery, Jessica Caraway, Shelly Deacon, Melissa Pena, Hailey Toner, Joshua Lewis, Gloria Woodward, Dawn Phillips, Patti Allen, and Susan Wilson! You've each won your choice of a cream cheese or strawberry flavored Tubbs X-Treme King Cake at their store in Bossier City at 615 Benton Road.

For complete KVKI contest rules, click here!

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