Selena Gomez takes her role as the spokeswoman for the NEO clothing brand incredibly seriously. She doesn't just pose for print ads, show up at events, wear the apparel and then go home. She is fully invested and involved, especially when it means she gets to interact with fans on a global level.

The singer and actress, who has been fronting campaigns for the youth-driven Adidas brand for a few years now, recently met with German fan Anna as part of a promotion in NYC! Anna won a contest and part of the prize was to spend time with Sel.

Sel posed and chatted with Anna and her friend, and they even gave her a gift. It shows how much Sel influences her fans from a distance and without even knowing it. It's also cute how she is a consummate brand ambassador, noting that Anna, her friend and she herself are decked out in NEO duds.

You get a sense of how warm and inviting Sel is from this clip.

For the brand's summer campaign, Selena took selfies -- or, as we like to call them, "Sel-fies," as part of the photos and ads.

The collection is also geared toward Gomez's legion of fans, who certainly want to copy her look and style. The new range focuses on girly but edgy style, which is certainly how we'd describe Selena when she steps out.

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