Senator John Kennedy, who sits on the Senate Budget Committee, questioned the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought over transactions that took place in the final month of the fiscal year. A recent report showed several federal agencies spending habits that Kennedy wanted answers for.

“Were you aware that at the end of last fiscal year, the Department of Defense at the last minute spent $4.6 million on lobster tail and crab?” asked Kennedy

“I’m aware of that report and we are looking into it,” responded Vought.

Kennedy’s questions didn’t just stop with the military’s fondness of seafood. The federal government spent $97 billion on contracts in the last month of fiscal year 2018.  The total for contract spending for the entire fiscal year was $544.1 billion

“Another agency spent $53,004 on China tableware… $673,471 on golf carts.  That’s a disgrace,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy also expressed his displeasure with a recent report showcasing cases of fraud with government assistance programs in Louisiana as additional examples of government waste in taxpayer dollars.

“Do you know how much Americans spend of their hard earned money every year, tax dollars, to help people less fortunate than they are?  Try a trillion dollars,” said Kennedy.

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