After much ado at the state capitol over attempts to expel Napoleonville Senator Troy Brown, he said in a press conference it is with great sadness that he resigns from the Senate.

He says for as long as he could remember, he desired to serve his district and the people of Louisiana.

“Unfortunately recent events have caused me to relinquish my dreams in favor of the greater goal of preserving the integrity of the Louisiana Senate,” Brown said.

Brown was facing an expulsion hearing on Monday, and the embattled senator says it is readily apparent a fair hearing from his peers will not transpire. He says his colleagues rejected the most basic notion of being held to the laws and constitution they were sworn to uphold, most importantly our fundamental due process.

“After researching and reading the many rules of the Senate and looking at the reality that those rules ignore state law and ignore our constitutional rights,” Brown said.

Brown adds that there was pressure from the Senate body for him to resign. He says he did not go to trial for either of his two domestic violence convictions, instead entering no contest pleas, to spare his family from the ordeal of a trial. He says that’s also why he’s resigning from the Senate.

“I consider the Senate body and staff to be part of my extended family, and I hereby resign with the sincerest hope of sparing its precious body any further embarrassment,” Brown said.

The resignation comes amid hearings on the Senate floor to expel or suspend Brown following his second conviction of domestic abuse.

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