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After a long, drawn out legal battle, a settlement has been reached between the Caddo Parish Commission and the Shreveport Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy. According to a press release from the Commission, the two sides have agreed to terms and signed an agreement that allows Caddo Parish to remove the monument from in front of the Caddo Parish Courthouse.

For years, maybe even longer, the UDC argued that they not only owned the statue but the land it sits on. Despite several rulings against them, the UDC kept fighting the Parish in hopes of keeping the monument in place. However, with each ruling from judges, it seemed to be more and more likely that the monument would not remain in front of the courthouse.

Donna Frazier, attorney for Caddo Parish, says "we are pleased to have reached an agreement in the UDC v. Commission case. The Parish has executed all legal means in the removal of the monument, and will proceed with next steps". However, at this time, there have been no announcements of where the monument would be relocated to.

The Parish says their next steps include developing a process to remove the monument and to take bids on the removal, transportation and installation at it's new location. At this time, the Shreveport Chapter of the UDC have not commented on the settlement or planned removal of the statue.

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