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The holidays are here, and there's nothing like getting family and friends together to celebrate. Of course, it's not all fun and games as there's plenty of preparation involved, and what to do after the dining is done. If you're looking for some items to help make your holidays a little easier when it comes to preparation to clean up, try some of these handy items that will make your holiday experience a little less stressful.

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    Boil Over Preventer

    So, you're making a gumbo and trying to visit with family. Then a familiar smell comes from your kitchen, the smell that comes from your gumbo boiling over and burning on the stove. Prevent those incidents (as well as boiling other items like pasta and more) with this handy silicone boil over preventer.

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    Noise Cancelling Headphones


    Sure, it may be rude, but sometimes you've just got to tune out the noise. When enough is enough and you need some quiet time (or need to hear the game a little better) pick up these Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones for the holidays. We're pretty sure you'll find uses for them outside of the holidays.

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    Triple Warming Tray

    During the holidays, there's no shortage of food. What you could run out of is the space to heat your food. Your aunt's green bean casserole is fineI but would taste even better if it was warmed up a bit. Use this triple warmer to keep heated a variety of food items without using your stove or oven's valuable real estate.

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    Ice Maker

    Sure, it's a bit of an extravagant, possibly unnecessary expense, but what are the holidays for if not over-spending? Your family will definitely be using this ice maker all year round, as it makes the ice you can usually only get at a few fast-food places. Now you can have it any time you want without the hassle of driving to get some.

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    Wine Stoppers

    Holidays are a time of celebration as well as a time for increased wine consumption. Whether you're celebrating or tolerating, you may end up not drinking the entire bottle of your favorite wine. Make sure to have some wine stoppers on hand instead of trying to force that cork back in the bottle or wrapping your wine with plastic wrap and hoping it doesn't spill.

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    Disposable Plates/Silverware

    Imagine not having to do dishes after your holiday dinner. Well, you're not going to find a disposable Magnalite pot for your rice dressing, but you can take some of the workload off your shoulder by picking up some of these disposable plates and silverware. Sure, you could use your own dishes and wash them, but after a long day of food preparation, why not take the rest of the day off?

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    So, the meal is done, the drinks are gone. The only thing that remains is a case of heartburn/indigestion after eating what you would normally consume over the course of a few days in a couple of hours. Instead of the chalky antacids, try some chewables that won't leave your mouth a chalky wasteland. Stock up, because eating season is here.

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