Have you ever eaten bugs? I mean on purpose? Shailene Woodley from the Divergent movie series thinks we'll all be eating bugs some day. She says she’s had both ants and june bugs and they were ‘great!’ She also believes the future of food is in insects… Yuck!!!

This is one of the best throw back idea I’ve seen in a long time. It’s one I’m actually looking forward to, too! Do you remember the sitcom Coach with Craig T. Nelson? It’s coming back! NBC has ordered a 13 episode sequel to Coach AND they’re bringing Craig T. Nelson back as his character Hayden Fox. Apparently he’ll be coming out of retirement to become an assistant coach for his son who is the new head coach at a college in Pennsylvania.

Don’t mess with Sara Evans because she will write a rant about whatever you’ve done and make it available via social media! Apparently watching the Will Forte sitcom The Last Man on Earth lit her fuse and she wrote a long, angry rant about it on Facebook. Don’t forget, you can see Sara Evans up close and personal at Kiss Country Fest at Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveport Saturday, May 9th.

So. I sat down last night with our teenage children to watch The Last Man On Earth. Thinking it could be a funny new...

Posted by Sara Evans on Monday, March 23, 2015

It’ll be a big weekend for Momma because on the Friday night BEFORE Kiss Country Fest Lady Antebellum will be in town. Did you know Lady Antebellum are big supporters of Children’s Miracle Network? Become a miracle maker today by calling (318) 681-5399.

Celebrity Birthdays Friday, March 27:
Pauley Perrette 46
Quentin Tarantino 52
Mariah Carey 45
Jessie J 27
Fergie 40

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