Global superstar Shakira and triple threat actress, artist and dancer Jennifer Lopez left it all out on the stage of the Super Bowl 54 halftime show!

While I'm sure there are some country and rock fans out there who didn't like the style of music Shakira and J.Lo play/perform, you have to admit it was incredible display of multiculturalism. Let's face it, Shakira makes the art of belly dancing cool and sexy without feeling dirty and J.Lo can dance like nobody's business. I also loved the fact that Shakira showed off her prowess with a wide variety of instruments. And oh my gosh, that children's choir! Be still my heart!

Couple all of this, with the fact that neither of these women are stick figures and that they're proud of their bodies and aren't afraid to show them off and you've got one heck of a show! In short, an extensive roster of hits plus two powerful women equals one of the biggest halftime shows ever!

Seriously, I felt like I was back at the world famous Tropicana in Havana and that's one heck of a stage show!

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