I love these kinds of stories....it's a lady who lived into her 90's. She was frugal......cheap. Never bought a dryer....hung all her clothes out to dry in the backyard for years. She did most of the work around her house....painting it and even mowed her own lawn well past the age of 90.

Her name is Elinor Sauerwein and she never went to a restaurant or the movies. She thought it was a waste money.
In all her life, she only went on one vacation. She was dragged to Hawaii with a friend. She even grew her own fruits and veggies and would climb a ladder to pick the crop. She saved every penny for decades. Her mom always told her "every dollar you save is another dollar that could go to the Salvation Army to help others". Well the retired teacher did just that. Before her husband died in 1994, the leaders at the Salvation Army promised him they would "look after Elinor." Well now Elinor has paid them back. The Salvation Army in Modesto recently got a check for more than 1.7 million dollars!! WOW