Man, she feels like a woman. But can she feel like a recording superstar and sell out concerts again? Or should she?
Shania Twain released her autobiography, entitled From This Moment On last year, and in it she details her life from poverty in Canada to a Nashville country superstar in the 1990s.


She broke numerous records for album sales - not only in country music - but also as one of the first and most successful crossover artists ever.

According to her book, Twain's album Come On Over became the best selling album of all time by a female musician, and the best selling country album of all time. She also won five Grammy Awards and has sold 75 million albums worldwide.

Twain's biography relays the story of problems handling her success, and her grueling concert and promotional tours, as well as her marriage to record producer, Mutt Lange, with whom she collaborated on writing songs that would become major hits.

Twain would be betrayed by her husband of 14 years and former best friend, who had an affair that led to their subsequent divorce. Twain says Lange was seeing her friend,  Anne-Marie, who was also her personal assistant behind her back. And that it was Anne-Marie's husband, Frederic, who told her about the affair. Lange asked Twain for a divorce in 2004. They have a nine-year-old son named Eja.

Shania has since found happiness and a new life with God and is now married to the former assistant's husband.

The stress from her relationship woes, though, caused her to temporarily lose her most prized possession - her voice.

Shania appeared in a television series last year on the Oprah Wynfrey Network, in which she was on a mission to get back her voice while recording with Lionel Richie.

Twain released her latest single - "Today is Your Day"- last year. It was her first release in six years.