It's hard to believe that we are almost done with the 2020-21 NFL season.

With that said, this year has not been very kind for the Dallas Cowboys. The team has suffered so many injuries and entered the season with a new coaching staff, that never truly had an off-season workout.

As of now, the Cowboys are projected to have a Top-5 draft pick next year and many are asking what holes should they fill with their pick? Sure, they need to address their defence and an ageing offensive line, but what about the coaching staff?

Dallas recently hired Mike McCarthy as their head coach, but his first season with the Cowboys has been a disaster! Many on social media are already calling for Jerry Jones to make a change and here's one way the Jones' could get an accomplished coach if they do decide to make a move.

With a top draft pick, the Dallas Cowboys should entertain the idea of trading the pick to the New Orleans Saints for their head coach, Sean Payton. Yes, give the Saints a Top-5 pick for their coach, who already has ties to Dallas.

The 2021 NFL Draft is loaded with quarterbacks and the Saints will soon have to address the need for a franchise quarterback. Drew Brees is on Hole number 18 and Taysom Hill doesn't look like he's the answer once Drew is gone. So, why not get a great young quarterback in the upcoming draft?

Look, this idea may be a reach, but if I were in the front office of the Dallas Cowboys, I'd really consider making this offer. Dallas has the talent now to win, but I just don't think the right staff is in place there.

Well, that could change if Sean Payton landed back in Dallas. Then again, Jerry Jones would have to relinquish some of the decision makings within the organization and he has already hinted in a radio interview that he will indeed "change" after this season.

This offseason will be very interesting and if this move happens, it could make for one fo the most interesting offseasons in a while.


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