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As a former Air Force brat and a radio nomad, I've lived all over the country. And if there's one thing I can say for southern women versus women from other parts of the country... we take personal grooming seriously!

Think about it. When you picture a beauty queen in your mind, you're most likely imagining a southern woman with a sunkissed tan, big hair, and a majorette routine. Most southern women won't leave the house without lipstick and mascara. Maybe it's because of our weather. We don't bundle up for months at a time during the winter. While others are rocking parkas, southern women are still sporting skin revealing styles and enjoying outdoor activities.

With that being said, I want to know about gray hair on women. On men, gray hair is considered distinguished. We call men with a dash of salt a 'silver fox.' In women, having gray hair is typically considered being lazy or giving up. But what if you're doing it purposefully and making it a part of your style like the woman pictured below? I think she's gorgeous! So that begs the question, 'Should women embrace the gray?'

I asked my Facebook friends what they thought and they didn't hold back. Read their comments and add your own by clicking on the post below. Plus, feel free to give me a follow. You never know, you may see me sporting a new 'do before long!

Alright guys, I wanna know. I think this woman’s hair is gorgeous. Is gray like this on a woman 👍🏼 or 👎? Should women embrace the gray?

Posted by Erin Bristol on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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