The Committee of 100 and the Chamber sent out a statement explaining why they oppose all of the proposals except Proposition 1 which would fund improvements for the police and fire departments.

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But the business leaders have some suggestions on how that money should be spent.

Those funds should be utilized only for the construction of the new police and fire stations, and that the city commits to limiting its bond issuance amount to those funds currently available in the debt service fund. By issuing bonds equal to the available surplus funds, the city can fund these buildings without raising taxes. Furthermore, we ask the city to delay issuing these bonds until a new permanent Chief is selected for each service and each Chief has made a presentation to the public concerning the design, function and budget for each of these facilities.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

The business leaders oppose all of the other bond propositions.

The total price tag for the 5 Propositions totals more than $240 million and would fund improvements across the community.

What's Included in the Propositions?

Proposition 1 - $70.65M 

Fire vehicles and equipment $13,550,000

Fire station #11 (Youree Drive) engine room $500,000

Fire station #12 (Woolworth Road) relocation & build $2,900,000

Fire station #14 (Greenwood Road) relocation $2,900,000

Fire station #15 (West70th) relocation $2,900,000

Fire station renovations & maintenance $1,500,000

Fire academy maintenance & renovations $4,820,000

Central police headquarters $27,500,000

Shreveport police department substations $4,500,000

City jail maintenance & improvements $2,000,000

Emergency mobile command center (LDV) $1,000,000

Street lighting $5,000,000

Proposition 2  - $22.74M Bond 

City communications system (fiber optic) - broadband, traffic signals & water & sewer $20,000,000 dig once initiative $2,000,000

Proposition  3 - $64.7M Bond 

Purchase of floodplain properties $2,000,000

Floodplain management plan $2,000,000

Drainage improvements $22,750,000

Sanitary sewer improvements $29,500,000

Twelve Mile Bayou raw water main improvements $4,000,000

Amiss WTR piping and valve replacement $3,000,000

Proposition 4 - $63.375M Bond 

Linwood overpass $20,000,000

Streets, bridges, sidewalks, ADA improvements $41,956,690

Proposition 5 - $21.135M Bond

Huntington golf course improvements $1,000,000

Querbes park recreation center & outdoor recreation $2,500,000

Municipal Auditorium phase II renovations $1,000,000

Park/recreation center improvements $10,450,000

Parking lot overlays $2,500,000

Parking upgrades $3,000,000

Mayor Adrian Perkins is urging voters to support all five proposals. "The needs of our citizens far exceed what the city of Shreveport has in the budget. That is why I'm asking the city council to support the bond."

What Are the Results of the KEEL Poll So Far?

Proposition 1 Police and Fire 51% yes 43% no and 6% undecided

Proposition 2 Technology 16% yes 76% no and 8% undecided

Proposition 3 Water, Sewer and Drainage 26% yes 70% no and 4% undecided

Proposition 4 Streets 28% yes 67% no and 6% undecided

Proposition 3 Parks and Recreation 14% yes 79% no and 7% undecided

Click here to take the poll and let us know what you think.

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