Things are in a bit of turmoil in the Shreveport Police Department. With the announcement from Mayor Adrian Perkins that he asked Chief Ben Raymond to resign and the Chief has agreed to go on leave and come back in November and be back on the force as a Sargent. Wayne Smith will take over as interim chief until a new leader is chosen.

Councilwoman LeVette Fuller was calling for a vote of "no confidence" in the chief. She has been critical of many of the policies he has put in place. But she is taking lots of criticism for her comments.

From the Shreveport Security Systems message board, we have gotten dozens of comments:

The Shreveport Councilman that’s is considering a vote of no confidence on the Shreveport Police Chief is laughable because of all the political gamesmanship that occurred over the last 7 years ... undermanned ,under staffed , under appreciated, and they can go to jail for doing their job,,, just wow

And this comment about Shreveport leadership:

I wanna thank Ben Raymond for his service. I appreciate and respect his determination. And I'm so GLAD he resigned. I am so happy that a black, interim police chief...and I hope they hire a black chief period...then maybe, just maybe they'll STOP blaming the sky rocketing murder rate on the police chief... along with the low pay, the lack of officers in the street...and EVERYTHING ELSE THATS WRONG IN SHREVEPORT!!! It's high time the so called "leadership" of the city polish their mirror so that they can see clearly who to blame...some do they best they can. But some continue to ignore the obvious.

All of City Council and Mayor need to resign or voted out!

Councilwoman Fuller was very critical of how Chief Raymond has managed staffing. She says we have far too few assigned to patrol.

But that also drew dozens of comments including this:

The police unions will not allow the chief to take detectives off of their role and put them on the street.

And this:

Politicians like Fuller need to learn to stay in their lane. They have no clue how to police. Can’t police through a manual or booklet. The mayor killed several plans to curtail the crime. Chief Raymond could’ve done a lot of good if it wasn’t for dumb politicians.

Another listener adds:

SPD isn’t keeping the officers and Corporals because they leave. For better pay, less work, better equipment and better support from their city’s administration. SPD can’t keep good ones. Most of the ones at that level that are remaining are those who can’t be hired anywhere else or just haven’t found somewhere else to go, yet. When you factor in there are very few people who want to get into law enforcement nationwide, compiled with the negative factors of Shreveport.... good luck hiring and retaining good officers!

If you missed Fuller's comments on KEEL Friday, here is our interview.

A civil service exam will have to be scheduled and those interested in being the chief will have to get a score of 75 or better on that test. The Mayor will likely set up a selection committee to find a new chief.

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