Have you ever wondered what happens when you film at the Shreveport Federal Courthouse? Well, now we know.

A few years ago, I came across a YouTube account that travels the country, going to military bases and federal buildings attempting to get a rise out of police, military personnel, and pretty much anyone in an authoritative position. I've never been a huge fan of content creators like this, or at least a large percentage of them.

They call themselves auditors, and most of the ones who create this type of content are serving their own purpose, instead of actually trying to create informative content in terms of filming laws, which is the ultimate goal of these "auditors". I will say that some do this correctly and with respect to those who they encounter.

This guy has made two videos in Shreveport, one that I shared years ago where he began filming at the gates of Barksdale Air Force Base. Today, I discovered a second video where he films at the Shreveport Federal Courthouse. I will say, in terms of rudeness, this guy isn't the worst Ive seen, but he's certainly not the best either. It's obvious that he is there to cause problems, and not inform the general public about the do's and don'ts when it comes to filming at an area like this. However, despite his condescending tone, he wasn't terribly rude to the two authoritative figures he encounters.

So, if you've ever wondered what could happen if you filmed at the Shreveport Federal Courthouse, and filmed all those who enter it, now you can find out safely from your home.



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