U.S. Attorney Alexander Van Hook has announced the indictment of nine people connected to Shreveport's Block Boyz gang. The charges include robbery, murder, and racketeering.

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator says these arrests are significant because the group is responsible many of the violent activities that are plaguing the city. The "Block Boyz" started their criminal empire in 2012 in the Queensborough and Ingleside neighborhoods where they used extreme violence to keep victims quiet and living in fear.

Members were indicted on 66 counts of racketeering charges. Which includes pages of detailed criminal activity ranging from drug-dealing, robbery to murder.

"They have two things in mind, selling drugs, making money and respect. They will kill if you don't respect them in their little circles. That's one reason you see all the violence that we have. So we really have to dig deep and work on these cases and put things together," Sheriff Prator said.

Prator went on to say that the group are "sick, evil bastards".

Those arrested and under indictment:

  • DeMarcus Morris, 28, facing 12 charges.
  • Frank Morris, 24, three charges.
  • Jimmie Durden Jr., 28, six charges.
  • Lonnie Johnson, 23, seven charges.
  • Gary McCain, 22, four charges.
  • Ravion Alford, 22, six charges.
  • Rodrick Hicks, 23, three charges.
  • Larshandra Davenport, 44, six charges.
  • Golanda Atkins, 40, one charge.

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