Graduation season is upon us. Unfortunately, Shreveport may not be the best place to start that lifelong career.

Students all across the country are walking across that commencement stage, each with stars in their eye and a dream in their heart. It's an exciting, momentous occasion that is well-earned. The next step is to land that dream job and begin your career. While that is easily done in some cities, it can be a struggle in others due to outside contributing factors.

WalletHub recently took a look at those factors and ranked 182 cities on their ability to help launch a career.

In their list of the Best and Worst Cities to Start a Career, WalletHub looked into 27 key metrics that contribute to the start of a career, like available entry-level jobs, monthly average salary, work diversity, and others. Ultimately they measured the "relative market strength and overall livability." In other words, this is a combo of moving up in your career and living in a place that brings you joy.

Shreveport landed at number 181 on the list with is good enough for second to last. The only city that performed worse than we did was Santa Clarita, California. We mostly struggled (in the eyes of WalletHub) with "professional opportunities" and "quality of life." From what I've seen in our area, I beg to differ in each of those categories. Shreveport has a lot to offer, we just offer it in a different way.

And our way ain't for everyone.

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