While it isn't too far of a stretch to believe that Shreveport would rank high on the list of most Bible-Minded Cities, but to rank #2?!?!?! Congratulations, Shreveport -- to be known for a good thing is nice to see.

The Barna Group and The American Bible Society interviewed 42,855 interviews across the USA to find out how many people and what level of Bible exploration, the 96 sampled, place in their communities.

So you may be asking, Bible-Minded, what does that mean exactly: Barna defined it as such:

People who said that they read their Bible in a typical week while also strongly noting their belief that the book is accurate in the sentiments it teaches qualify as “Bible-minded.” So, the measure is two-fold; it involves a mixture of action and adherence.

Of the areas that revere the Bible most, you are probably not surprised, but areas around the South some out on top. (They are also some of the most economically healthy areas of the USA, as well). According to Barna, the following areas qualify as at least half Bible-Minded:

  • Knoxville, Tenn. (52% of the population)
  • Shreveport, La. (52%), Chattanooga, Tenn. (52%)
  • Birmingham, Ala. (50%)
  • Jackson, Miss. (50%)

As you look at the list, you will also notice the Least Bible-Minded cities, which tend to be in the North East, specifically the New England areas (they also tend to be less economically healthy):

  • Providence, RI (9%)
  • Albany, NY (10%)
  • Burlington, VT (16%)
  • Portland, ME (16%)
  • Hartford, CT (16%)
  • Boston, MA (16%)
Look at that, we are #2!!!!
Look at that, we are #2!!!!

[Source: Barna Group]

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