I'll be honest... I'm an extremely cheap shopper. Any time I can find a discount, I'm all for it, so that's why when I learned Shreveport was getting a Five Below I was super pumped! Five Below is exactly what it sounds like since everything in the store is $5 or below. KSLA reports that the new store looks to be moving in at the Eastgate Shopping Center on East 70th Street.

The new store is currently hiring for Managers and Store Leads which you can apply for by clicking HERE! With the store currently hiring it looks like they're set to open at the end of the spring or early summer.

If you've never been before to Five Below you can expect to find a wide range of items on your first visit including toys, phone accessories, clothes and seasonal items. As of now, the closest location is in Tyler, Texas, but that'll soon be changing!

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