Yoga has taken many forms through the years, but recently it's Goat Yoga that has everyone talking.  Now you can give it a try in Shreveport! This Saturday will be the first class at the Jubilee Zoo for anyone over the age of 13. The class was planned to be a one time thing but the zoo says due to so much interest they are going to make it a monthly event.

The yoga class is said to be perfect for beginners to try with baby goats as your classmates. The class costs $24 to do and if you have kids under 13 you have the option of getting childcare for $5. This Saturday at 2pm could be your first experience with yoga while goats jump around you and climb on your back.

After the class you'll enjoy a free hay ride and entry into the zoo to see all the other animals! For more details or to sign up for the event Click HERE.

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