We're lucky to have this place in our own backyard, but I'm willing to bet many of us have not visited it.

There are so many hidden gems in Shreveport-Bossier. We are a place that is filled with such history and beauty. One of the places that I've been told is absolutely breathtaking is the Gardens of the American Rose Center right here in Shreveport. Weddings have been held there, our Easter event is held there, and yet I still have not visited this place.

Thanks to Good Housekeeping, this 118-acre diamond in the rough is getting the recognition it deserves.

The website named these gardens the number one underrated attraction in the state of Louisiana. The Rose Center was featured on their list of these "best kept secrets" for each state across the country. With 65 rose gardens and over 20,000 blooms, the American Rose Center is also the headquarters of the American Rose Society.

Now is a perfect time to visit as we are in the middle of peak blooming season that will last until the end of May.

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