The field for Shreveport's Mayoral race narrows a bit. John-Paul Young has announced that he is dropping out of the race. Young made the announcement Sunday night at his restaurant, the Levee. Young says that he realized his goals for Shreveport would be better accomplished if he combined forces with another mayoral candidate, Steven Jackson.

Young says Jackson stands out in the race because he has strong ideas, isn't afraid to ask for help and puts ideas over ideology. The pair plan to have several events together in coming weeks.

With Young dropping out of the race, there are still 8 candidates competing for the city's top office. Incumbent Mayor Ollie Tyler will be running against Steven Jackson. Lee O. Savage, Jim Taliaferro, Adrian Perkins, Anna Marie Arpino, Tremecius Dixon and Jeron Rogers.

KEEL will be hosting a mayoral forum with 5 of the candidates next month. You can get more details on that here. Election Day is November 6th.


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