Shreveport Mayoral candidate Steve Jackson tells that he found a racial charged flyer Wednesday at his family home in Shreveport. The flyer is a picture of Mr. Jackson on top of what appears to be former President Obama, whose neck has a noose around it with the words, "Leave our statue & Property alone & Get out of the race N*****." We chose to edit out the last word because it's a racial slur that we will not repeat.

To see the flyer, click HERE. 

Steven Jackson said in a press conference Wednesday that the flyer isn't the first time he's gotten messages like this and has also received calls to his office. He also said that in no way will he consider dropping out of the campaign because of these scare tactics. It's no secret that both locally and nationally tensions are high politically with elections approaching, but this is sickening. You can watch Steven Jackson's full press conference below via KSLA Facebook Live.

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