Vincent Concannon, former NYC Firefighter and father of Mudbugs player Dakota Concannon, was honored for his 17 years of service.

Vincent, or Vinny as it proudly states on his NYC Fireman's jacket, came to the gmes this weekend to his son play in Shreveport for the first time. The Concannon's came down to Shreveport as one big family to cheer on Mudbugs player, Dakota Concannon.

When we were getting ready to do a segment with Vinny, we told him he was doing a simple trivia question in front of the crowd. Since is was Guns and Hoses weekend at George's Pond, we told him since he was an NYC firefighter, we would love to include him in the game somehow. Little did he know that there would be quite a lot more to it.

We were told Vinny's story by his family long before the game, and knew he would make an excellent Hometown Hero.

Not only was he an NYC Firefighter for 17 years, but also worked tirelessly with so many other brave men and women at Ground Zero on 9/11.

Sadly, from his work that fateful day, he developed stage 4 lung cancer. Being the fighter that he is, he overcame and defeated cancer seven years ago.

During the segment, his son skated over with a surprise for his dad, a moment I won't spoil for you here.

Check out the full segment from Saturday night's game below!


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