Police in Shreveport are currently on the hunt for two thieves that have hit several big-box stores in the area. The women are being called the "Walmart Pepper-Spray Bandits". The pair stand accused of stealing items and assaulting people who try and stop them.

In the incident report, on July 7th the suspects were attempting to leave the Bert Kouns Walmart with two TVs in a shopping cart. When an employee tried to stop them at the door, one of the women rammed him with a cart, while the other sprayed him with pepper spray. Once the employee was temporarily blinded by the pepper spray, the thieves managed to escape.

The duo, according to police have been using this and other methods to steal from big box stores across the Shreveport-Bossier City area. The two women have been identified and have a prior criminal record.

Their names are Breanna Dinkins and Deon-Shanique Thompson. Both have had warrants placed out for their arrest and are charged with armed robbery.

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