Shreveport leaders are working on a plan to get the city pools open this year. Last year, there was a struggle to open the pools. A company from Atlanta submitted a proposal to run the pools and former Mayor Adrian Perkins signed that contract. But in the end, that company, USA Management backed out of the deal. The city then had to turn to Shelly McMillian with Rock Solid to get the pools open. She had been running the local pools for several years.

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This year, the city is getting an early start. The request for proposals has gone out and they are due back to the city by March 28. McMillian tells KEEL News she is submitting a proposal to again run the pools.

SPAR Director Shelly Ragle tells KEEL News the city budget has $125,000 to run the pools again this year, but she knows that might have to be adjusted just a bit for inflation. But she won't know that until the proposals are in.

Photo Courtesy of Shelly McMillian
Photo Courtesy of Shelly McMillian

Ragle says the city hopes to get the pools open for Memorial Day this year. They didn't open until the 2nd weekend of June last year. She is also hoping to offer more hours, especially on the weekends.

How Many Pools Will Open This Year?

Ragle tells KEEL News she is planning to open 4 city pools again this year. She says the city brought in an aquatics engineer during the off season to evaluate all of the pools. He determined the problems at the Bill Cockrell Park on Pines Road in west Shreveport is more extensive than just a pump or parts. She says the pool won't hold water and it will not be opening again this year.

But the pools at David Raines, Querbes, Airport Park and Southern Hills will be opening.

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