A final vote could come today on the plan to get recycling back up and going in the city of Shreveport. The council is expected to vote on the proposal to award the contract to C. Edwards Concepts LLC.

This contract is a five year deal worth about $10 million dollars. A review committee reviewed  bids received at the end of last year and determined this bid from C. Edwards Concepts was the "only company that submitted a proposal that provided a curbside pick-up of household recycling material." The committee interviewed Charlette Edwards, the owner of the company on two different occasions and made the recommendation to offer the contract to her company.

She will be paid $158,333.00 per month. But she will not receive payment until the end of the month when recycling starts. She will be paid from money generated by the $2.50 monthly per household recycling fee.

The selection committee says "C. Edwards Concepts, LLC of Shreveport is the most feasible, viable and effective option."

This plan has drawn criticism from many corners because C. Edwards Concepts has no trucks and no employees to handle a program of this magnitude. Edwards did go before the council earlier this summer to tell the panel she is ready to pull the trigger or ordering trucks and she has been recruiting workers for this program if she is awarded the contract.

There have also been concerns about the recycling program in general as very few companies are will to take recyclable goods. Edwards says she will be transporting the Shreveport materials to Rivers Recycling in Kilgore, Texas.

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