Could recycling be back in Shreveport any time soon? The city council is set to take another look at the proposal from C. Edwards Concepts to provide recycling for the city.

This proposal has been postponed a couple of times, but we could see a final decision during today's meeting.

C. Edwards Concepts, LLC was the only company that submitted a proposal to provide curbside pick-up of household recycling material. This would be a five-year deal worth nearly $10 million dollars for the recycling company.

Shreveport residents pay $2.50 a month for the recycling program. The goal of the council is to put a recycling program back in place without increasing the cost. But that has been a challenge.


Here's the list of recyclable materials listed in the contract:

Aluminum, steel and tin cans, newspaper and newspaper inserts; magazines and catalogs; all junk mail and envelopes; cardboard; office and school paper (all colors); phone books; cereal and cracker type boxes, brown paper sacks and bags; glass bottles and jars; plastics labeled Nos. 1 through Nos. 7; plastic milk jugs, paper milk cartons and plastic bags.

Shreveport has 61,000 households that will be covered by the program.

Charlette Edwards, who owns C. Edwards Concepts told the council a month ago that she could begin the service in October, but she still would have to purchase trucks to get this program up and going.  She also told the council she plans to take the recyclables from Shreveport to a facility in Kilgore, Texas. Her plan to start in October is likely delayed by at least a month because of the delay by the council. But she is also facing delays in getting the trucks she will need. Delivery of municipal vehicles like garbage trucks, fire trucks and police cars has been delayed because of the pandemic.

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