It's a typical work day and you're finishing all of the last minute stuff you have to do before you get presentable to go to work. It's a day just like any other, right? Not if you work, or should I say 'worked,' at the T-Mobile store in Shreveport.

Employees showed up to the job this past week and found the doors locked at the T-Mobile store in Mall St. Vincent. On top of that, according to a report from KSLA, their checks are a week late. Thankfully, because of media attention, the five employees have received partial payment with a promise for the rest to be paid soon. KSLA News 12's Jeff Ferrell spoke to the owner of the store and it looks like the store in Mall St. Vincent will re-open in the next several weeks. Huh..

I don't know about you, but I'd be screaming if this happened to me. I just might have to make those calls on a carrier that wasn't T-Mobile, though...

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