OK, we've had way too many days with temperatures over 100. And too few days of rain!

Because of that, back in August, the city of Shreveport had asked for voluntary water conservation.

Since the rain situation has not improved, the city of Shreveport has now been looking at taking more drastic measures.

There are a couple of different things that could trigger mandatory restrictions:

1) If water levels at Cross Lake fall below 166 feet.


2) If water demand exceeds more than 70 million gallons for at least 12 hours for ten days.

Reminders on ways to help save water include:

Check household faucets for leaks. A faucet with even a slow drip takes 10 to 25 gallons of water.

Keep showers to 5 minutes or less in length.

Use water only when you need it. Don’t leave water running, be sure to turn it off when you are finished.

Water your lawn in the evening or in the early morning to avoid evaporation.