I love watching testimonial stories of hauntings. I think they are extremely interesting. As I was going through my normal search categories on Netflix trying to find something to watch I came across a new original series called Haunted. Each episode there are folks telling their stories with shadow figures, ghost children, and events that they can not explain.

I started to binge the show like I do most shows. I will clean and go about my business with the show playing in the background. On the 5th episode, titled Alien Infection, something made me stop in my tracks. Lindsey Higgins began to tell her story. Lindsey is from Shreveport, which is also where her story takes place. Her story involves... aliens! As soon as I heard that I was glued! She believes she was taken by aliens. In her story it is mentioned that this happened during a time when many sightings were happening all over the Shreveport/ Bossier City area. The story even brings up the Shreveport Times.

I would love to tell her story, but I think you need to hear it from her. You got to check it out! You can check out the trailer in the video below.

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