The newest dog park in Shreveport broke-ground and began it's construction earlier this year in March.

Crews have been working tirelessly to get the new dog park in Southern Hills in tip-top shape so your pups can have a nice, clean, and safe place to play.

The area for small dogs is now open to the public, but things like benches and "poop bag" stands are still waiting to be installed before an official opening. The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance had this to say on social media:

"We now have a small dog side at the Southern Hills Park dog park, thank you BPC Fencing for the great deal you gave us on the fence. A concrete sidewalk is being poured soon leading into the dog park, around Tina's Memorial Garden, and back to the entrance for that polished look. Soon benches and poop bag stands will be put in. Go sniff the place out! We'll make it official with a ribbon cutting soon!"

Shreveport Dog Park Alliance
Shreveport Dog Park Alliance

The Stoner dog park opened 5 years ag to mixed reviews. Many claimed the location was bad due to the flooding, but the park has persevered with many people letting their pups run and play by the river.

Though it's not entirely clear when the exact date of the new park's ribbon-cutting will be, it will be coming soon! You are currently allowed to take your dogs to the new Southern Hills location as long as you don't mind limited seating, and bringing your own poop-bags.

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