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Shreveport has produced some pretty major stars.  Actors, musicians, and sports stars hailing from the Shreveport/Bossier City have left their mark at the highest levels of celebrity - and it's hard to argue that Hall-of-Fame legendary pro-football quarterback and broadcaster extraordinaire Terry Bradshaw.

Terry is one of a handful of stars that have made their name known is several different arenas.  After an incredibly successful professional football career (1st round draft pick out of Louisiana Tech, 4 time Super Bowl champion, and the list goes on and on here on his official Football Hall of Fame page), Bradshaw has continued to shine in the sports broadcasting world bringing his talents to bear on "The NFL Today" and FOX NFL Sunday starting way back in 1984.

Terry has also appeared in several major motion pictures, and even has his own line of bug spray you can buy on Amazon:

Now, Mr. Bradshaw can slip the title of Vegas headliner under his belt, too!

According to Las Vegas Magazine, Terry is taking over the stage at the Luxor with the The Terry Bradshaw Show.  Reportedly, this isn't the first time Shreveport's favorite son is hitting the stage in Sin City with some very colorful stories from his past - and some singing!  The show actually kicked off last before the pandemic and was sidelined, but is now on of the few shows making a triumphant return!

I don't know about you, but whether he's really good or not - that's got to be worth seeing at least once.  Especially if the singing is terrible!

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