If you're not a salty Saints fan, keep scrolling.

As the first half was winding down in Super Bowl LIV, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo hit tight end George Kittle deep for a 42-yard pass that would ultimately be called back for offensive pass interference. The only problem is, one Twitter user noticed a very similar gesture that led to the OPI call and decided to line it up with a questionable call that reopened wounds for a lot of salty Saints fans.

Disclaimer: Like many Saints fans, I can't blame one play for being the reason we got bounced by the Vikings in the Wild Card round, but I also think the call was pretty trash—especially since it was literally they play that ended the game and our season at the same damn time.

Nevertheless, the play in the Super Bowl reminded Saints fans that the NFL released a statement after that first-round playoff game saying that "none of that contact rises to the level of a foul" when it came to the final play between P.J. Williams and Kyle Rudolph.

You don't need glasses to see how similar the plays are above—each with two very different outcomes. But, again, I say that in hopes that moving into a new season in 221 days that we see better officiating in the NFL. This was one of the worst seasons when it came to consistency, and as a fan of a team who has literally watched his team's season come down to one play, every call DOES matter.

How do you feel about the call above and the officiating throughout the 2019 NFL season as a whole?

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