You Can Live Out Your Best Ranching Life For Just $875 a Night.

Before you freak out at the price let me remind your his ranch is welcoming you and your 13 closest friends so make sure you split the cost with them.

Silver Star Ranch Isn't Just a Beautiful Ranch, You Also Have a Private Lake Experience Awaiting You.

Some people have figured out that this is the setting for a gorgeous wedding, and others have used it as a venue for a family reunion. What about that staycation you and your crew have been planning? We can think of countless options when it comes to this gorgeous venue.

Silver Star Ranch Is the One of the Most Expensive Airbnbs Near Tyler, Texas.

The average price of Airbnbs in East Texas doesn't come close to what this Airbnb is asking for. What does $875 per night get you? For starters this spot lets you and 13 of your closest friends sleep comfortably. You get 9 beds in 3 bedrooms and there are 5 bathrooms as well.

The Outdoor Hang Out Is What Looks Like Fun.

They have an outdoor kitchen and there is a giant firepit and fireplace. They have yard games and ample outdoor eating plus a fully stocked fishing lake. Who doesn't love a fully stocked fishing lake right? Bring the fishing poles, and the s'mores ingredients, and a good time by all is bound to happen.

If You Want to Book This as Your Wedding Venue, You'll Have to Contact the Airbnb Host Directly.

Most Expensive Airbnb Near Tyler is $875 Per Night for a Remarkable Ranch

If you're looking for a great wedding venue or gorgeous staycation this could be the perfect place.

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