A mother's clever attempt at taking her little girl to a father-daughter dance ended in heartbreak.

Amy Peterson is a single mother who dressed up like a man to take her six-year-old girl, Gracie, to a father-daughter dance at Locust Grove Elementary School in Locust Grove, Ga. She was not allowed in because she's not a man.

“I was trying to comply with the rules,” Peterson said. “I knew if I showed up as her mom, they probably wouldn't have let me in.”

The school got wind of Peterson's plan and called her about an hour before the big event, saying they wouldn't be allowed to enter the dance if they showed up, so mother and daughter elected not to go.

The school district says the school apologized and refunded Peterson her money, although she says no one has contacted her to say sorry and that she still hasn't gotten her money back.

Individual schools in the district can reject someone from coming to the dance, which typically allows another man if a father is unable to attend.

The whole incident has left a bad taste in Peterson's mouth -- she says she'd like to homeschool Gracie next year.

What do you think? Was the school right to bar the mom or was this an unnecessary act?

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