If you live in Louisiana and you hope to one day make legal sports bet, your dream lives on... for now.

Just a few weeks ago it seemed like the thought of sports betting getting passed in Louisiana seemed like a long shot... As of now, it's still a long shot, but the proposal could have been dead a while ago so the fact that it's still alive is cause for hope!

The issue facing sports betting in Louisiana now comes from what action it's partnered with. Now, with three days left in the legislative session, sports betting in our state has been bundled with fantasy sports regulation. Naturally, those two things are very different. For instance, when I play fantasy football with my friends, we're generally paying like $50 per person, per season. Whereas if I'm betting on the New Orleans to cover the spread week-to-week, I'll be placing a much more substantial bet down.

The two are very different, but with less than 72 hours remaining in the session, the two succeeding together on the same bill will be the only chance sports bettors in our state have left.

The two combined measures are up for bot in the House and we will let you know whenever a final vote becomes official.


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