If this video doesn't get you excited about the Shreveport Mudbugs and Sonic, nothing else will.

This might be my favorite piece of production surrounding the Mudbugs that I've ever seen. The Sonic Guy Paul Reiser and his crew with Sonic made it out to a game this season and they certainly made the most of it. Of course, if any of you have ever attended a Mudbugs game, you know that Sonic is a longtime major parter with the organization.

Their logo is everywhere inside George's Pond, and everyone knows five goals means a free Route 44 at Sonic.

For this game, Reiser and the Sonic crew gave everyone a nice glimpse into the organization, much deeper than the fanfare, fights, and goals.

If you're a longtime Mudbugs fan, or maybe someone who hasn't came to a game, you have to watch this video!



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